About TeamWRK

TeamWRK, also known as We Run Kings was founded in Kings County, also known as Brooklyn, NY on January 2016 to support less than a dozen non-runners to prepare them to participate in the Brooklyn Half Marathon and has evolved into a training team and organization that has served over 500 member athletes and counting. Led by Coach Joe Shayne & Coach Jenn Blalock, TeamWRK has provided essential tools and training techniques to encourage non-runners, and athletes alike, conquer long distance running race events from the 1 mile to the marathon distance.

This merchandise collection is inspired by the TeamWRK ideologies: "Train Hard and Love it" to "Plan A: Crush Everything." In 2021, TeamWRK proudly collaborated with The Brooklyn Circus NYc -- a menswear brand that finds inspiration in the pages of history books, poised to change the way Americans dress, one iconic silhouette at a time through the 100-Year Plan -- TeamWRK is honored to join The BKc Global Village through our pursuits of athletic acheivement.